Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Update Your Wardrobe?

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Update Your Wardrobe?

Do you want to update or change your wardrobe? If you are looking to make this year, your year, updating your wardrobe may be your New Year’s resolution. Before you head out to local boutiques or start shopping online, there are a number of steps you should first take. Before meeting your New Year’s goal, it is important to prepare.

Before buying a new wardrobe, examine what you have.

Most people mistakenly believe that to update a wardrobe, you have to start from scratch, but you do not. Do not throw away perfectly good clothes. Do you have a nice black top? If so, keep it. It may match perfect with a new sweater you buy, but you will not know unless you save it.

To get started, pull all clothes from your dresser.

Place these items on your bed. Remember, you goal is to save as many clothes as possible. Save those that you will wear, even just around home. Put these clothes and accessories back into your dresser. When doing so, fold and sort so that your clothes are easy to find without digging and creating a bigger mess.

Although you can save clothes that are in good condition or those that you will wear, you will also want to make room for your new wardrobe. For that reason, closely examine all clothes. Anything that is stained or has holes, like an old shirt or a pair of socks, throw away. Clothes that are salvageable, but that you just don’t want to wear, donate to the Salvation Army. In fact, create two piles on your floor. One pile is for the garbage and another is for donating.

After sorting through your dresser, head to the closet.

Repeat the above mentioned steps. Throw away all clothes that are ruined or stained. Keep those you may wear again. Donate those that are clean, but that you don’t anticipate wearing. Just add these items to your piles.

Next, you want to bag up all clothes you will throw in the garbage.

When putting the clothes in a garbage bag, recheck them to make sure they cannot be donated. Never throw away clothes that can be salvaged, as there are people in need who can wear them. As for donated clothes, box or bag them. Drop them off at a nearby Salvation Army or Goodwill store. To save gas, do so on your way to purchase your new wardrobe.

Now that your dresser and closets are cleaned and sorted, you may be ready to make your New Year’s resolution of a new wardrobe a reality. Yes, you can do so, but before you start shopping, create a game plan. You know that you want a new wardrobe, but what kind do you want? Do you want new pajamas, work clothes, party clothes, workout clothes, or all? Write down what you need and want to buy. Remember the clothes that you threw away. If you got rid of all of your socks, you must buy replacements right away.

Finally, you are ready to start shopping.

Although your New Year’s resolution was to update your wardrobe, not get out of debt, you should still keep it in mind. If you enjoy shopping online, do so. When shopping online, it is easier to compare prices to find the best deals. If you decide to shop locally, head to stores that are known for their affordable prices. Even if you purchase designer clothes and accessories, always look for the best deals. By keeping an eye on price tags, you can make sure that your next New Year’s resolution isn’t to get out of debt.

Happy New Year 2018

I wish you and your family a Happy New Year 2018.  Make it a Good One with lots of Good memories for the whole family for a lifetime. Cheers!

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Nutrition for Eye Vision Health

Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

Nutrition for Eye Vision Health

They say mothers know best, and when it comes to eating Nutrition abundant meals, well, she was right!

“Eat all of your vegetables, they are good for your eye vision and health,” my mother used to tell me. As a child, I didn’t realize how true this statement was.

Nutrition for eye vision

We all know proper nutrition and diet are key elements in
maintaining a healthy body. But did you know that certain
nutrients can actually reduce your likelihood of becoming
blind through eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and
macular degeneration?

Research also indicates that low levels of certain nutrients in
your body can affect your everyday visual clarity, especially
your night vision.

For example, whether she knew it or not, there was a reason your
mother used to pile those vegetables on your dinner plate. E.g. carrots contain a carotenoid called beta-carotene. Your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which is an anti-oxidant.
Anti-oxidants such as vitamin A are essential to eye health.

All Copyrights Reserved.

*Carotenoids are pigments in plants that provide red and yellow color.

*Beta-carotene is a Carotenoid. It is contained in carrots and other food sources. The body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A.

*Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant that is very important to the health of the eyes.

*An antioxidant is any substance that prevents or impedes cell oxidation (destruction) by free radicals.

Vitamin A:

*helps your eyes adjust to light changes
*moistens the eyes, which can enhance visual acuity
*has been shown to prevent the forming of cataracts
*has been shown to help prevent blindness from macular
degeneration-the leading cause of blindness in the world

There are actually 17 different nutrients that are essential
in ensuring your vision is operating at 100%.

You can learn more about each one by visiting our eye nutrition page at

For Ocu-Plus visit this link.

To your vision — for life,

Eyesight health Eu

This post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.
Always seek the advice of a medical professional for any medical

Stop Smoking For Your Family

Stop Smoking For Your Family

If you have attempted to quit smoking you no doubt realize just how easy it was to get started smoking compared to actually quitting. Maybe the reason you are trying to quit is to set a good example for your children. This is one reason why many parents find themselves struggling to quit. They do not want their children to grow up thinking that it is ok to smoke, and it is necessary that they quit in order to set a great example. If you find yourself in this position, there are several things you can do to help make the situation much better.

Natural health for longevity

Stop Smoking For Your Family explained

One such idea that you can use would be to actually invite your children to watch the struggle. This means asking your child to be your help and strength when you are tempted to smoke. Simply talking to them about your struggles to quit can be a great way to show how difficult it really is, while at the same time getting your issues out in the open. Many times talking about problems can make them seem much smaller. This is a great way to help fight the urges of cigarettes as well, after all many parents who have open and honest relationships with their children are able to talk about a lot of issues. Use this opportunity to talk about things that are important, and encourage the extra support that you receive at the same time.

If you are focusing more on your child when you have an urge to smoke, and less on where exactly your pack of cigarettes is located it will be easier to reduce urges. You should encourage your child to help you find out remedies to your urges. For example, going with you to the store to pick out suitable candy to chew on when you get an urge, or even going with you to the store to purchase the stop smoking aid of your choice.

Allowing them to be a part of your decisions can help them to see the exact struggles that you are going through. If you merely hide your problems behind a closed door, your children may grow up thinking that it is actually easy to smoke. This could even lead them to being tempted to smoke. However, just because you are trying to have an open relationship with your child does not mean that you should actually smoke around them. The harm that second hand smoke can cause should be enough to keep you from lighting up around you; however, you could ask your child to help you maintain a smoking log.

Of course, each family has different ideas about what is acceptable to talk about, and even comfort levels. If you feel that you are pushing the borders of what you are comfortable with you can always adjust this. However, using your children to help encourage you to quit is great. After all, kids are notorious for picking on people and pointing out flaws. If you allow your child to help you with your smoking urges you may find that you really do not want to smoke anymore at all if your children are busy picking on you the entire time. No matter what works best for you and your particular situation you need to grasp at any opportunity to encourage a bond and crush the urge to smoke. Your child will be very proud of you after you have quit, and you will certainly have a much increased self-confidence.

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Steps To Stop Smoking

Steps To Stop Smoking

Trying to quit smoking will likely take a very large amount of dedication and determination from you personally. At the same time there are plenty of problems that you may encounter as well. Knowing what these potential problems are and having a specific plan for your success is important. Knowing exactly what you are trying to do will enable you to plan for success, rather than merely stumble along trying to quit.

Steps To Stop Smoking
Fresh air outdoors, breathing naturally.

Step 1. A Plan.

You need to take the time to create a plan to quit smoking. This means looking at the reason why you smoke, and working to create a plan that will help you to succeed. If you are addicted to nicotine then you need to look at a product to help you slowly curb the nicotine addiction. If you merely smoke because you are bored you should look for thing to do to keep you occupied instead of bored. However, if you are smoking because you are stressed out then your plan should include a way to reduce stress as well.

Step 2. Get Help.

Seek all of the help you can get. With help coming in the form of stop smoking aids, as well as support from your friends and family it will be very important to get anything you can. If you have a lot of problems getting the help that you need, you should work to resolve these problems before you attempt to quit. For example, if you have a very tight budget and cannot afford the nicotine gum that you might need, save up money for a couple of weeks to purchase the gum to start with. Then once you have what you need, start working to actually quit.

Step 3. Write a Diary of your Success. Write your own success story, begin today.

Log your progress. If you write down your goals, and also how you are progressing towards your goals you are making yourself accountable for everything. For example, if you decide that you are going to reduce your one pack a day habit to only 10 cigarettes each day it is important to write down each cigarette that you smoke. This will allow you to see a specific pattern to your smoking, and also make sure you are aware of how many cigarettes you are smoking each day. You may find that as you are writing down each cigarette you decide to skip a few just so that you do not have to write them down. If you choose this method make sure you are really honest with yourself. Cheating on your log will get you nowhere very quickly since the information is all incorrect.

Step 4.Celebrate your Success Step by Step.

Celebrate your success somehow. If you have managed to go 24 hours without a single cigarette, you should celebrate. This does not mean you need to throw a gigantic block party for each tiny milestone but you do need to do something. If you treat yourself to your favorite coffee, ice cream, book or even the purse at the mall you have been eyeing it will help encourage you to continue on your path of success. Save up a huge party, or even a dream vacation for once you have quit smoking for a longer period of time such as 1 year for example. This will give you a huge incentive to continue the success and you can use the money you save from stopping smoking to fund the trip or party.

Always ensure that you follow these steps and you will find that in no time at all, you will be able to join the ranks of the non-smokers of the world. Taking advantage of all of the help available as well as holding yourself accountable is a huge step in the right direction. Knowing what you should expect from yourself is also helpful because you will be able to anticipate problems before they appear. Merely waiting until problems do occur is asking for a disaster. You owe it to yourself to quit smoking successfully, and these four suggestions will get you there in record time.

Thank you for taking the time to learn positive Steps To Stop Smoking.  This information can be vitally important at this moment of time. It may be much easier to Stop Smoking Now! To become fully conscious of the dangers of smoking cigarettes. To be become conscious you need the right information. Meaning, that you face reality, reality in the human physiological physical  sense.  You have eleven organ systems, and none of need cigarette smoke.  Somewhere sometime in life a bad habit has slipped in, that is how bad habits get a foot hold in the human soul experience. Bad habits are those that war against the natural human physiology. The human mind is often deceived very easily.  Deception may come from many sources, including friends, that have not themselves though through the consequences of cigarette smoking.  Deception is that which by passes the rational mind. Humans pick up irrational addictions because they do not think them through rationally.

Social pressures to smoke, or drink alcohol

There are many social pressures in the school yards and social setting that push young people into escaping reality. Influences of people often offer a distraction, what ever that may be, to avoid being stick in the mud. Going with the flow, yielding to social pressure to conform what ever the spirit of the social setting is.  It may be risk taking, to rebel against the advice of the elderly, parents or teachers.  Rebels often choose that which is forbidden, or advices against. The rebels have something to prove, that they are greater, or more powerful than any of those substances that the parents, elderly or teachers are warning the students against.  Many adults have started experimenting, and got into their smoking habit during the school years.  The question to ask is this, where the parents, elders, teachers  right? In their advice against smoking cigarettes? Of course they were right, they knew from life experience where it would lead to. Therefore, it is good for the soul to admit and confess any rebellion, risk taking and ignorance when the smoking habit commenced. Where to from here?

Steps To Stop Smoking Explained.

Rebuild a foundation for healthy living. Accept the spirit of truth in the need for physical exercise. Exercise outdoors and learn to live a healthy life step by step.

Quit Smoking For Life

Quit Smoking For Life

The biggest thing that sets apart those smokers from those who successfully quit smoking is the desire to quit, and the determination to make it work no matter what. Someone who is just interested in stopping smoking might play with the idea for a short period of time. They may read a book, talk to their doctor but ultimately they do not take the time to make necessary lifestyle changes. In contrast, someone who is determined to quit smoking will read books, talk to their doctor, tell their family and friends that they are quitting. Additionally, they typically do research to determine the best stop smoking aids for them to use based on their own lifestyle and even start looking for additional ways to improve their health.

Quit smoking for life

Quit Smoking For Life Explained

The biggest thing that sets apart those smokers from those who successfully quit smoking is the desire to quit,

Everyone has found themselves in the position at some point or another of second guessing their ability. This is certainly nothing new. The problem comes when you are trying to quit smoking and find yourself completely trapped underneath the stress of the situation. Trying to decide what you are going to do to regain complete control over things is critical. If you take the time to create a good plan that is firm you will find a much better success rate. Setting yourself up for success is one of the most important things that you can do in your attempt to quit smoking and failing to do this will often result in the cycle of continuously trying to quit.

Quit Smoking For Life with a Vision Concept of Good Health

“and the determination to make it work no matter what”.

Vital resolve to make it towards the most important goal in life. Pleasure and immediate gratification of the flesh should never be a life goal. Why not? Because it is a death trap to the human spirit. The inner spirit being imprisoned by the outside flesh gratifications.

This difference is huge because it is often a clear signal of success, and what is nothing more than falling into the cycle of continuous trying. You have to make a clear decision that you are going to quit, and you have to sell yourself on the idea. If you are just trying to convince yourself that you might be able to quit, you are going to have a lot of difficulty really making it to your final goal. In contrast if you are absolutely certain that you can quit smoking, it just matters how soon you accomplish the goal you are moving in the right direction.

We as people are full of subliminal messages. Many of the messages that we are receiving come from others, but we are good at telling ourselves a lot of information as well. This means you need to train yourself to send the right subliminal messages. If you are eluding confidence then your messages are going to be positive, additionally you are going to find that as the urge to smoke appears it bothers you much less than someone who has serious doubts about their ability to quit.

Everyone knows that it is not easy to quit smoking. Being aware that it is not easy is not the same as setting yourself up to fail though. The difference is the fact that you recognize the difficulty and you are attempting to overcome the struggles that you think you are going to encounter. Merely allowing the struggles to blindside you in a moment of weakness where you find yourself smoking is not good for your goal to quit smoking. This can actually be very harmful because your overall self-confidence is crushed, and once crushed; it is really hard to get back.

If you set yourself up for success by admitting that it is not easy to quit smoking, and agreeing that you will stop smoking somehow no matter how difficult it is your commitment level will be much higher. Accepting the problems as they come, and working to overcome them is vital. You are going to find that you are much happier with your goal of quitting for good, rather than just quitting for a weekend. While it might seem like a good idea to break it down into just quitting for a weekend you will discover that slipping back into smoking is so much easier after the weekend is over, rather than deciding to quit smoking for good and aiming for that goal in all of your actions.

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Children at Greatest Risk for Sports Injuries

Children at Greatest Risk for Sports Injuries

The statistics all around the world are startling; children are much more likely to be injured while playing sports than an adult, even if they are only playing the occasional game. As parents and adults, how can we protect children from the majority of the injuries? There are some things you can do, both as treatment and as preventative to ensure that they are as protected as possible.

Children at Greatest Risk for Sports Injuries

Children at Greatest Risk for Sports Injuries Explained

Your first concern should always be getting a physical check up of your child done before allowing them to actually play sports. This is absolutely imperative to let you know if there are any potential problems that you need to know about. While most children are healthy, there are some children that are not or that are highly prone to injuries. A good doctor should be able to let you know if your child can handle the physical activity of playing a sport.

Ensure your child has the appropriate safety equipment. Never allow them to play or practice without it. This can result in serious injuries as well as minor injuries, but it is always best to protect your child by ensuring that safety equipment is always worn. In addition, it is important to ensure that the safety equipment your child uses fits properly. This means that while it may be cheaper to pass down equipment from child to child, making sure it fits appropriately is even more important.

Other concerns should be ensuring that the coach your child plays with has been trained in how to interact with children, as well as teach them the rules of the game. Ensuring that all kids playing follow the rules is one of the best moves that coaches can make to help avoid injuries both during practice and during games. Teaching how to cheat will not only rob your child of sportsmanship but also increase the risk of injury immensely.

Make sure your child is playing with other children who are around the same size, as well as skill level. Common sense should tell you that a 5 year old should not be playing on the same team as a 15 year old. However, many parents do not realize just how important skill level can be. Having a child who is a beginner playing on an intermediate to advanced level team is a recipe for disaster and should be avoided. Always ask about the skill level of the team before signing up, if the team is too advanced for your child, find a team that is better suited.

Before your child starts any sport, regardless of age you should find a sports medicine doctor whom you are comfortable with as well as whom your child can talk to. This is important because many parents must deal with restrictions due to insurance and geographical location. Finding a doctor who is suitable before an injury occurs means you will spend less time waiting to start appropriate treatment in the event that an injury does occur. This also helps to ensure that you start your child on the appropriate foot in terms of preparing to be the safest and healthiest possible while playing sports.

As you can imagine, there are always numerous things to look out for in childhood. Injuries in sports just constitutes yet another potential danger, but with careful consideration and close supervision it is possible for most children to enjoy playing sports with very few, or minor injuries.

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Carbohydrates the Essential Energy Source

Carbohydrates the Essential Energy Source

Most athletes know and realize just how important it is to get the proper nutrients however many athletes are being drawn into the idea of using low carbohydrate diets as a way to help control weight. Needless to say, the sports medicine field is quite alarmed at this recent trend. The number of athletes that are starting to use low carbohydrate diets is alarming in recent years. Even scarier is the fact that these diets can cause harsh long-term complications such as making weight loss even harder.

Carbohydrates the Essential Energy Source
variety of food on white background, forming a food pyramid

Carbohydrates are the essential energy source that all athletes need in order to maintain the stamina to work out. Without this vital energy, it is much easier for injuries to occur from exhaustion as well as body strain. This is never an advisable outcome, but sadly, it occurs much more often in recent years. A proper diet for an athlete involves consuming quite a few carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates the Essential Energy Source Explained

Typically, the amount of carbohydrates that are required to be consumed by athletes is much higher than the amount required for people who are sedative. The proper amount of carbohydrates that each athlete needs varies greatly with some requiring much more than others. To determine the exact amount of carbohydrate consumption that you should personally aim for it is important to talk to your sports medicine doctor.

There are times when athletes are especially encouraged to increase their carbohydrate intake, this is especially common during tournaments, competitions and if you are engaging in more than one sport at the time. This is to ensure that your body has enough energy to handle the rigors that you are placing upon it during especially strenuous activities. In addition, there are other times when your doctor may recommend cutting back carbohydrate consumption, however all serious adjustments to your diet should be carefully monitored by your sports medicine team to ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients.

Carbohydrates the Essential Energy Source and Diet

As the number of fad diets appearing on the markets increases, it is especially important to listen to what your doctor says about your diet. Athletes are recommended to store as much as 15 grams per kilogram of body weight in the form of carbohydrates. This translates into as much as 15 grams for every 2.2 pounds. For an average 180-pound athlete this translates into as much as 1227 grams of carbohydrates.

In terms of how carbohydrates are related to calories, it is easiest to use the following conversion. One gram of carbohydrates translates into four calories of energy. This means that for our example of the 180-pound athlete, the 1227 grams of carbohydrates they should consume would equal as much as 4909 calories. This is an enormous number for most people; however, there are some athletes that would require higher calorie intake while other would be able to handle much lower intake levels. Ultimately, it is up to you working with your doctor to determine the best level for your individual needs.

Remember, cutting back on carbohydrate levels can be quite damaging to the body. If your body is not consuming enough carbohydrates, then the body starts using protein as energy. This can be dangerous because protein is designed to help fuel your muscles and provide the muscle mass for the body, rather than simply providing energy for the body. The end result for many who are not consuming enough carbohydrates is an overall weakened condition and less energy to actively engage in the sport of their choice.

An important consideration is who is giving you the advice on your dietary needs. Many coaches do not always know the most up to date nutrition information. This makes it highly risky to simply take a coaches word about how much you should be consuming each day in calories and carbohydrates. In order to achieve the best results possible you can consult with your coach as well as your doctor to work out the best possible solution that has both your fitness goals, athletic goals and your health goals in mind.

Carbohydrates the Essential Energy Source and Health Priorities

Keeping your own personal health as the top priority is vital to ensuring you are as healthy as possible. Remember, it is sometimes necessary to adjust your carbohydrate consumption however; it should always be done with a doctor’s supervision to ensure that you are not potentially damaging your body or your overall health. Your physical safety is a much greater consideration that reducing your carbohydrate intake.

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Dealing with Stress at the Computer

Dealing with Stress at the Computer

Dealing with stress at the computer is not seen at the beginning as a real possibility, because stress at the computer usually build up over time, with the increase of the work load. If the work station ergonomics are not practiced daily,  then the computer work stress will build up more with no way to release that particular stress, other than breaks and time spent outdoors.

An increasing number of people are quitting the office job and discovering the joys of being your own boss in your own time in your own home with your own lunch breaks. Whether these people are entrepreneurs building an e-commerce Web site, investors pitting their financial acumen against various short-term trading and day-trading opportunities, freelancers doing what they love to do
and getting paid for it, or enterprising individuals playing the role of the middleman in online auction sites such as eBay, the growth in the number of stay-at-home workers is staggering. But with high numbers comes high competition. With high competition comes high risks for losses. And with high risks for losses comes high levels of stress.

Dealing with Stress at the Computer
Tired business woman working in the home office

Dealing with stress at the computer at home

Working from home is not as carefree as it may at first appear. Numerous individuals have walked out of the office environment, bravely charting new territory in the realm of the pajama people, only to find themselves back in the office within a matter of months. There is always going to be a certain amount of pressure when it comes to taking charge of your own financial destiny and severing your ties to the 9-to-5 rat race. The good news is that there are
many steps you can take to avert common pressure cookers.

Let us start with the basics, the things many readers will have already been exposed to in those admittedly boring occupational-health-and-safety (OH&S) modules that form the foundation of many company inductions these days. After all, a tension-filled body results in a tension-filled mind, and you would be getting off to a terrible start by neglecting the comfort requirements of your
body. Do not worry — you will not be forking out money for an ergonomic keyboard or for one of those bizarre kneeling-posture chairs. Our advice will be moderate and easy on the wallet.

Dealing with stress at the computer with ergonomics

Many guides on office ergonomics are riddled with impractical lists of overly precise lengths and angles. One would pretty much need a ruler, protractor, and plumb line for making the recommended adjustments. We will take a far more pragmatic approach. Common sense is the order of the day. For instance, it would not take you long to discover that a computer mouse situated near and on the same level as the keyboard is more comfortable to use than one that is  ot.
Likewise, sitting deep into a chair with your back well supported and your feet flat on the floor is less taxing on your body than is spending long periods in a crooked position. The basic guideline to follow is to listen to your body.

Some people tolerate high levels of ambient noise, whereas other people are vexed by a pin drop. Maintaining a noise level that is suitable for you aids your concentration and calms your mood. Oil or replace noisy computer case and CPU fans. If you are unfortunate enough to be living in a neighborhood that is undergoing building work or that has one too many barking dogs, consider purchasing a set of soundproof headphones. On the other hand, some people
simply cannot work in complete silence and find that playing background music or turning on the television helps a lot, conventional study advice be damned!

Dealing with stress at the computer with cool air

Temperature and humidity are also up to you. Unlike working in an office, nobody is going to give you funny looks if you sit around in your underwear on a hot summer day. It may be worth nothing that low humidity leads to dry eyes and eyestrain, though.

Having plenty of air ventilation is most certainly not a matter of personal preference. A simple demonstration of the importance of a well ventilated room or office would be to sleep one night in a bedroom that has all doors and windows closed, with fresh air coming through only narrow gaps here and there.
You will surely learn your lesson when you wake the following morning feeling drowsy. Note, however, that having air currents moving past or into your eyes can result in eyestrain.

For a touch of variety, consider burning a stick of incense or a scented candle. Play some classical music or New Age music such as Enya if you are really keen on creating an environment that is conducive to stress-free work.

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Dealing with Stress at the Computer

Dealing with Stress at the Computer

Dealing with stress at the computer is unavoidable if you have a lot of computer work per week, and especially more stress if you have no sense of ergonomics for computer work stain.

Asthenopia, better known as eyestrain, is a huge problem for the computer user. There is a cause-and-effect relation between eyestrain and undesirable symptoms including fatigue, headache, and neck pain — allstress-inducing conditions.

Dealing with Stress at the Computer

You are not Bruce Wayne. You should not be conducting your day-to-day operations in a room that resembles a bat cave. Having the right amount and the right kind of lighting is of paramount importance. Eliminating glare and other sources of eyestrain will pay dividends in terms of work productivity. The eyes play an important role in matters of stress. When you are tired or feeling
irritable, it is usually your eyes that give this away.

Dealing with stress at the computer with sufficient light

Your bedroom or home office should contain enough light to enable you to work effectively. Too much light is as bad as too little light. Whether your primary source of light is natural light or artificial light is immaterial — after all, you may prefer working the owl shift. However, for artificial light, you may find that fluorescent lights are better on your eyes than are incandescent bulbs and last longer to boot.

Glare is the big gorilla in the room when it comes to causes of eyestrain. Be sure to eliminate sources of direct glare, which is light shining directly into your eyes, along with sources of indirect glare, which is light reflecting off a computer screen. Some monitors have anti-glare coating as a design feature, whereas for other monitors, an anti-glare screen may come in handy, provided that screen readability is not sacrificed in the process. Configuring your
computer to use a light-colored desktop wallpaper can often quickly remedy the amount of glare.

A close relative of glare is any form of high contrast. This includes
everything from the foreground and background colors of the digital documents you read to the color combinations of your furniture. Yet lack of color variety can be a source of eyestrain too. Often there is very little you can do to remedy high contrast or low color variation, though if you do find yourself pulling out the paint kit, consider using light pastel colors for your walls, since occupational psychologists believe these colors have a calming effect.

Few things in the office are more irritating than flickering light bulbs or computer monitors. Replace all such light bulbs immediately, and have your flickering or dim monitor serviced or replaced — though with flickering monitors, sometimes simply increasing the refresh rate is enough to stop the flickering. Have a tech-head friend or relative adjust your brightness and contrast settings appropriately, since there are not any good rules of thumb that cover all monitors out there. While you are at it, consider setting your monitor resolution to 800 X 600, which is believed to be the best setting for the eyes.

What you are reading should be legible without undue exertion. Small fonts, exotic typefaces, and poorly scanned documents are some of the many hassles that plague the computer user. It is often possible to use an OCR program on poorly scanned documents to extract text and transform it into something more readable.

It is common sense that facing a monitor directly is the way to go. Rather than pull out a ruler to measure twenty inches between your screen and your eyes, just sit as far away from the monitor as possible, with an arm length or so being the minimum. Opinions vary on whether your eyes should be in line with the top of the screen, slightly below the top, or slightly above the top. Do what feels right for you, though most experts (but not all) seem to agree that
looking above the horizontal is more tiring to the eyes than looking below the horizontal.

Do not tire out your eyes by focusing on any one thing too long. Take an eye break approximately every twenty minutes for a couple of minutes, and include some looking into the distance. You may find that cupping your palms over your closed eyes for a few moments is very soothing. On the other hand, while you are working, do not arrange your material such that you are continually switching focus between a near and a far object, since this too can tire out your eyes. Get a document holder that can be positioned next to your monitor.

Finally, low humidity leads to dry eyes and, in turn, eyestrain. So do air currents. Look out for your eyes and they will keep looking out for you — literally.

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Annual Festivals and Events in Paris France

Annual Festivals and Events in Paris France

Annual festivals and events in Paris France is a great opportunity to mix with the people of France at public events, so you may take it into consideration when planning your next visit to France.

Are you planning a trip to Paris France? If you have yet to decide on a date of travel and have flexibility, you should first familiarize yourself with some of Paris’s annual festivals. These festivals come in a number of different formats and a wide range of themes, but they always make for a day or night full of fun! Even if you have already booked your travel plans, there may be a scheduled event that awaits you.


On New Years, you will find a lot happening in Paris.

Fireworks and sparklers are available for sale, legally, in France, so you are sure to get an eyeful. Not only that, but an extravagant celebration takes place at the Eiffel Tower. The fireworks will leave you breathless. For one of the best views of the fireworks and for an evening full of fun, travel to the famous avenue of Champs Elysees. Also, on New Years Day, you will find the annual Paris Parade Festival.

On the 21st of every June, you will find the Fete de la Musique.

It is a popular music street festival. You will see hundreds of musicians playing a wide range of music in the streets, on the sidewalks, and in local eateries. If that didn’t sound enticing enough, most events are free of charge.

In the United States, July 4th is Independence Day.

Similar in nature, you will find Bastille Day in Paris. Bastille Day, held on July 14th each year and it symbolizes the French storming the prison of Bastille in 1789. This is considered the start of the French Revolution. Since Bastille Day is similar in nature to Independence Day, you will find festive celebrations that include fireworks and other patriotic events.

Annual festivals and events in Paris Franc, also in the month of July, you will find the Tour de France.

The route for this world-renowned bike race does vary, but the final stage is always at the Champs Elysees. It has been the final stage since 1975. Residents and tourists line the street and you can too.

In summer, either in July or August, you will find the Paris Plage, also know as Paris Beach.

Since 2002, three spots in Paris have been transformed into beaches for residents and tourists to enjoy. The most popular location is that along the right side of the Seine River. Sunbathing, swimming, and kayaking are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy at this annual event.

The 3rd weekend of every September, you will find the Festival d’Automne.

This festival in unique in that it allows residents and visitors to explore buildings that are typically off-limits to the public. One of those buildings is where the president resides, at Palais de l’Elysee.

In October, you will find the Nuit Blanche, which is also known as White Night.

This event is scheduled annually in October. It gives residents and tourists the opportunity to see the museums of Paris like they have never before, at night. Many museums install lights and use other special effects to make your visit even more unique and intriguing. Museums taking part in Nuit Blanche waive admission fees for the evening.

In December, Paris comes alive for the holidays.

It is hard to pinpoint one specific annual event, as there are so many. One noteworthy annual event is that of ice skating. Multiple outdoor ice-skating rinks are setup around the city of Paris in the month of December. Most have free admission, but will charge you a small skate rental fee. Paris is also known for its holiday lights. Displays can be found at the Cathedrale of Notre-Dame de Paris, Rue Mouffetard, and at Champs-Elysees, just to name a few.

The above mentioned annual Paris France festivals are just a few of the many that take place each year. These festivals and scheduled events are known for their size and popularity. You can find smaller festivals, including celebrations of music and art, throughout the year just by taking a stroll through the City of Paris.